Kubernetes Fundamentals


Tags: kubernetes



  • eduk8s team

If you want to review the workshop content, you can browse the files and subdirectories under workshop/content.

Install the workshop

To deploy the workshop, install the eduk8s operator, then run:

kubectl apply -f https://github.com/eduk8s-labs/lab-k8s-fundamentals

Delete the workshop

To delete the workshop when finished, run:

kubectl delete -f https://github.com/eduk8s-labs/lab-k8s-fundamentals

Example workshop

If you want to manually create an instance of the workshop, just create an instance of this CRD with the following content:

    kind: Workshop
      name: lab-k8s-fundamentals
      vendor: eduk8s.io
      title: Kubernetes Fundamentals
      description: Workshop on getting started with Kubernetes
      url: https://github.com/eduk8s-labs/lab-k8s-fundamentals
      image: Some Default Value
      duration: 1h
        budget: medium
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